Friday, August 3, 2007

I couldn't get the time off work

Singers Fail to Build Largest Kazoo Band
By Samantha Gross (AP)

Members of a 1980s funk and disco group hit a sour note in their attempt to break the world record for the largest kazoo ensemble, falling short of the some 2,600 impromptu musicians needed.

Organizers were hoping to sign up 3,000 impromptu players for the evening attempt in Harlem, which was led by the female vocalists of Skyy. Their 1980 song "Skyyzoo" featured the sound of kazoos being played for some gentle backup.

That backup still managed to get louder Thursday, with more than 2,000 amateur musicians turning out for the concert.

The current kazoo record was set this past New Year's Eve in Rochester, where 2,600 kazooers gathered to play shortly before midnight. Before that, The Quincy Park Band had held the record for gathering 1,791 players in Quincy, Ill., in 2004.

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