Friday, October 12, 2007

Rash of school violence?

So that's what those bumps are!

Here's today's first e-mail:
"Dear Ms. Rosenberry, We are syndicating an exclusive feature story that could be of great interest to The Gazette readers, especially parents and students, and could be a great addition to any coverage you are doing on the recent rash of school violence. This article gives readers the chance to 'sit in' on a unique crash course on how to survive a school shooting massacre taught by elite commandos.

"SYNOPSIS:Six months after the US suffered its worst ever campus shooting with 33 killed and 23 injured at Virginia Tech, America is again reeling from a school shooting in Cleveland, Ohio on October 10th and the arrest the very next day of a 14 year-old who was planning a Columbine-like school massacre in Plymouth, Pennsylvania.Parents around the country are looking for ways to better protect their children, but the answer may come not from the school-yard, but the battlefield."

Riiiiiiiight. The Web site's "massacre timeline" lists 12 events in the last 30 years. Does 4 events a decade a rash make?
Here's the link provided for the course.

Here's the instructor:

Chief instructor of the survive a shooting massacre course, Walter Philbrick, is a 30 year veteran instructor to elite police units around the world and CEO of the security firm International Protective Services.
Photo by Ron Laytner, Edit International


Jennifer Wilson said...

He looks so fun! And kind. I bet if you were feeling down, he'd give him a shoulder to cry on.

Or, he'd punch you in the face and scream at you to snap out of it.

Jennifer Wilson said...

make that give "you" a shoulder to cry on.

I was so intimidated by his looks I got nervous and screwed up my comment.

I don't think he'd take kindly to mistakes.

LadyBronco said...

He looks like he keeps a flask of whiskey in one of them pockets!