Thursday, May 1, 2008

Take me out to the temple, take me out to the doom.

So, right now at the Rockies Web site, there's a picture of Indiana Jones in the middle of their May schedule. You can't click on it, and no explanation is given; he just seems to be saying "I see you like the Rockies. Well, so do I. I like the Rockies so much, in fact, that I spend all of my spare time hanging out on their calendar."

Yes, the picture is on the day that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull comes out - also the day that I spend a lot of time whistling that theme song - but if this is supposed to be an advertisement, I hereby declare that it sucks pretty bad. Not as bad as when they put Spider-Man on the bases, mind you, but pretty bad nonetheless.

By the way - wondering why he's off-center like that? Some teams, like the Astros, have games scheduled for that day:

What a dire scheduling conflict that'll be.

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