Thursday, March 29, 2007

To kick it all off: The Chocolate Jesus

We've been talking about this blog awhile. A sort of flotsam and jetsam of life, if you will. A place to share things in that "No freaking way" sort of vein. Why call it "Ask Porkchop"? Cuz Porkchop is a local pug and he's as apt as any living thing to know why life is the way it is.

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What better place to start than the chocolate Jesus. No freaking way! Yep, we got a press release today from the Catholic League For Religious and Civil Rights notifying us artist Cosimo Cavallaro is exhibiting a lifesize chocolate Jesus in New York.
What is up with that? And it is, the Catholic League points out, anatomically correct.
The president of the Catholic League says, “All those involved are lucky that angry Christians don’t react the way extremist Muslims do when they’re offended – otherwise they may have more than their heads cut off.”

We couldn't make that up.

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Christopher Short said...

Update: The artists is inviting the public to eat the statue. No word on whether they will also serve hot cross buns.