Monday, September 24, 2007

Potty humor overload

I'm not sure that, humor-wise, I can improve on the mere fact of this product's existence. Have a press release:


Transform Your Toilet Lid In Seconds.
Uniquely Decorative Toilet Tattoos Make Bathrooms Flush With Beauty.

(Macedonia, Ohio) - It's a product that will add a creative new decorating touch to bathrooms and restrooms worldwide. For years, the only toilet decorating options were the dreaded rug-like covers that Grandma used or the more permanent decorative seat. But now a new patent pending concept in toilet d├ęcor called Toilet Tattoos is aimed at satisfying today's modern need for an easy, quick and changeable decorating solution.

The Toilet Tattoos are the only toilet lid embellishment on the market that is removable, reusable and wipes clean. Toilet Tattoos can transform the look of the toilet by just peeling it from its backer card packaging, placing it on the toilet lid and smoothing it out. Because Toilet Tattoos are made from electrostatic vinyl film; they are reusable and will not harm the toilet lid when removed. Toilet Tattoos come in a wide array of designs including: classic patterns, wallpaper styles, whimsical themes, floral scenes, seasonal & holiday motifs and more. The company is also able to reproduce original paintings or photographs onto the Toilet Tattoos.


Jennifer Wilson said...

God bless America!

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