Friday, August 22, 2008

...or maybe it's pudding.

Growing weary of waiting on tenterhooks for The Announcement, I cruised over to Time's list of the 13 worst vice presidents - and yes, Cheney's on there, thus confirming the media's liberal bias. Anyway, I learned that history is funny. Even when Ross Perot isn't in it. Check out this fact about Van Buren's #2, Richard M. Johnson:


"While in office, he proposed an expedition to the North Pole so Americans could drill to the center of the Earth, believing the planet was hollow (his resolution was defeated). Evidently van Buren's experience with Johnson soured him on vice presidents altogether — when he ran for re-election he dropped Johnson from his ticket and didn't bother replacing him. Instead, he ran alone."


At least, of course, he didn't murder the guy on the $10 bill.


Anonymous said...

Now the number has gone from 13 to 15.
Who'd they add?

cshort said...

Well, since you asked, I believe the answer is Thomas Marshall and Henry Wallace. And actually, Marshall sounds like a pretty cool guy.

cshort said...

...and he's from my home state, and went to my alma mater, and he told funny jokes! So if I get a law degree, I can be just like him. I'll also have to learn to tell funny jokes, of course.