Monday, November 26, 2007

Just call his name.

This from the fax machine:


Holy Rodent! New Singing Mouse Delivers Religious Experience.

The creator of a new plush singing mouse claims it is bringing people of all religions closer to God. Aptly named "Angel Mouse," it sings three verses from the song "I'll Be There," which was made famous by pop idols Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson."

Creator Jay Kimhi says that the mouse is having a religious effect on those who listen to it. "I made Angel Mouse because there was too much bad news on TV and I thought this would lighten the mood. I never expected the strong emotional reactions I've witnessed from people who've listened to this mouse."

According to Kamhi, the reactions have ranged from sobs to laughter. "I've seen normal people spontaneously burst into tears as they listen to the mouse sing."


This reporter suspects that Kamhi is using an alternate definition of the word "normal," but one thing's for sure: you owe it to yourself to listen to Angel Mouse.


zen said...

Thank you for sharing that, Christopher. What a salvific gift! A melody if the highest rodent order! I am eternal, brother because you shared this!

::sniff :: sob

I have been made whole!

But seriously, who am I to blaspheme, eh? Stranger things have happened. Mary on a grilled cheese for one. She tastes good with a little ketchup.

Christopher Short said...

In general, I'm wary of any angel who speaks to people through the parodied voice of Jacko - the seven-year-old version or any other.

zen said...

I know. Jacko is no angel that's for sure. Jacko is God.