Monday, March 3, 2008

God bless I Camera

With every pundit in the world agreeing that tomorrow will decide the Democratic nomination, and with most of them agreeing that Hillary and Obama are essentially the same candidate, Porkchop decided to test them on the only metric that really matters: which candidate makes for funnier anagrams.

We turned to the experts-cum-kingmakers at the Internet Anagram Server (aka "I, Rearrangment Servant") - and are presenting the results below. We limited the results to three words each, because no one likes an overly wordy candidate. And because Hillary is sick of going first...


  • Babushka macaronies
  • Cabana hubrises amok
  • Caesarian mush kabob
  • Bob's marihuana cakes
  • Bareback human oasis
  • Amnesiac or babushka?
  • Scarab bemoans haiku
  • Bemoan rakish abacus
  • Nabob haiku massacre
  • Shamanic aura kebobs
  • Samurai nacho kebabs
  • Anaerobic ska ambush (one of my favorite bands)
  • Abase bunko charisma (that'll be Hillary's next slogan)


  • Chardonnay thrill limo
  • Dynamical thrill honor
  • Anchorman doily thrill
  • Tricolor handyman hill
  • Conditional myrrh hall
  • Ironclad hominy thrall
  • Doctrinal Harmony Hill
  • Rhythmical lanolin rod
  • Only mandril haircloth
  • Millionth choral Randy
  • Normal chill hydration
  • Hardly chill nominator (if the shoe fits...)
  • Nominal child harlotry (BTW, Chris Matthews says he's still sorry about that)

I'd say it's a push - I, for one, would love to have some samurai nacho kebabs in my chardonnay thrill limo - but Ohio and Texas will decide which Metro Cad will run for the Nerdy Epics. The winner will, of course, have to watch out for Cynic Sideman John and his Curable Nip friends.

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Jennifer W said...

I know it's three days too late, but you should still write a song called Babushka Macaronies.