Monday, March 24, 2008

Heavy reading

Facebook felt like showing me the "Top Books in the Colorado Springs, CO network" when I logged in today.

1. The Bible
2. Harry Potter
3. 1984
4. Mere Christianity
5. Wild At Heart

Are the people reading (3) preparing to deal with the people reading (1), (4) and (5)? And where does "The Boy Who Lived" fit into all this? I think I'm going to stop leaving the house, just in case.

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C M Barons said...

Title- In the Midst Of
Author- C. M. Barons
ISBN- 978-1-59405-098-5/1594050988
Genre- Fiction, Adult

In the Midst of, retro intrigue- offbeat 1970's rewind. Cunning allusions, stand-out characters, absorbing tension- "the makings of a cult classic." Brian can't escape his past, namely, Hollis; badboy with more secrets than Karl Rove. Hollis is the aim, sure as the bull's eye on any Zen-archer's target.

“That’s not my parlance; for lack of better term, yes, I have one.” He led me into the hall, digging in his pocket for a key ring. I wasn’t eager; I’d rather postpone disassembly of the person I thought I knew.
He removed his shoes, importing I do likewise. “I keep it locked because the floor is white. …Don’t want dirt tracked in.” The lights came on; it was exactly as Angie described it.

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