Tuesday, January 15, 2008

All together now: "D'oh!"

That's the image that greeted me today when I logged into e-mail. Mind you, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't recognize Steve Jobs if he walked up to me and said "Hi, I'm Steve Jobs," but I am reasonably familiar with the gentleman pictured above, and that ain't him.

(Clicking through showed me the entire photo, which indeed captured Jobs in front of a screen with a 20-foot image of Homer on it. Maybe they meant to crop it differently for the splash page.)

In other news, you may have seen last week's story on the Hannah Montana body double. It wasn't particularly noteworthy, except that it gave us the quote of the young year, from Pollstar editor-in-chief Gary Bongiovanni:

"There are absolutely laws of physics that prevent you from doing gee-whiz things without some hocus-pocus."

I'm too lazy to read all of Newton's laws. Can someone check this one for me?

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