Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cryptic headline Wednesday

Today BBC News confounded me with this headline:

Facebook asked to pull Scrabulous

Basic pop-culture etymology could have deciphered it for me, and would have explained why Hasbro and Mattel are upset (I mean, be cool Facebook - if you're gonna rip off a game, don't rip off its name as well). Sadly that instinct failed me, and my mind instead raced with possible definitions for the word "scrabulous." It sounded like an adjective and thus raised the question: "to pull a scrabulous what?"

I finally decided it should modify a body part you're describing to your doctor, e.g. "I don't know how my thigh got so scrabulous, doc. I was only in Thailand for a two-hour layover."

Anyway, confusionary crisis averted, the Beeb elsewhere yielded this adorable photo:

"Who's the sweetest li'l babies in the whole wide world?" everyone asked the tamarins. "You are," they then instantly reassured the small creatures.

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