Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ever been to Minot, N.D.?

This seems an appropriate response.

A teen makes her prom dress from about 200 Mike & Ike candy boxes.

Said Kelly Thiel: “It was definitely a one of a kind dress at the prom. It all started with the cutting of the candy boxes. Next I peeled them leaving only a thin layer. This made the dress not so stiff and more flexible. I ironed the box fronts to satin. The dress pattern I used also included a layer of green tulle.”

How sweet.

Of note: Mike & Ike's are from Just Born - the Peeps people! And they're Kosher. Who knew? (Check out the Web site for the concert tix promo or to vote for a new flavor mix.)


Christopher Short said...

That is awesome. Also, she's way out of that guy's league, even without her manifest seamtressing skills.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

That's so cute!! And from North Dakota!!!! Yay!! I'm from there!!! So cool!

Anonymous said...

Obviously there are some pretty creative people up in Minot! And some cold winters to work on your Mike&Ike seamstressing.