Monday, June 18, 2007

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An Insightful Book That Will Help You To Win The Super Bowl of Life
Author Amanda Barron shares inspiring words, insights and Bible scriptures that will inspire you
A Must Read Book
For Masters, Servants, Teachers, Preachers and All Laborers

Georgetown, SC - June 18, 2007 - Super Bowl Sunday has become an annual ritual that is watched by nearly half of United States television households and televised in over 150 other countries. How does one get to the Super Bowl? Doing the right things will get you to the Super Bowl. Author Amanda Barron shows you how to win the Super Bowl of Life through her insightful book, MAN, YE ARE CIRCUMCISED.

MAN, YE ARE CIRCUMCISED is inspirational guide (sic) that will help both men and women to live out a fulfilled life devoted first to God and family. Like in a Super Bowl Game, this book cheers and compels men to win the Super Bowl of life. It opens our eyes to the goal to drive men to become circumcised men of God, for themselves, for family and for the world. Like a shining bright star from the Middle East, this book shines and guides men to the right path. It is filled with Bible scriptures and positive attitude, and promises that tackle all men, black and white, rich and poor, democrats and republicans (sic), lamblike and lionlike to become or continue to be righteous men of God.

Salvation is truly free for all who desire the gift if God (sic). There is no greater knowledge than to truly know that God loves you. Get a copy of this powerful book and win the Super Bowl of Life!

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