Monday, June 25, 2007

I call it "Saturday night."

When you call your band Turbonegro, odds are you've made peace with the fact that you'll never be beloved by everyone. Why, then, use standard corporate jargon when describing your new video in a press release? It seems they agree, as this pull quote attests:

"It's like watching the show Jackass on crystal meth while tripping to Led Zepplin" (sic)

More? OK. "These six deviants, aka Turbonegro, among other unmentionable names, have wrought more rockin' havoc around the world than any other band in the last ten years. Their blue-denim sailor-boy gear and 'faux-mo-erotic' lyrics have caused astonishment and confusion everywhere."

Because I know you want to know, their new album is called Retox, and it follows such classic Turbonegro records as Apocalypse Dudes and Ass Cobra. They need to hook up with the MVD Entertainment people.

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