Monday, June 11, 2007

They should probably stay home.

Business editor Joanna Bean - who is, I can attest, wackier than her title would suggest - forwarded this gem:

Hit the Road This Summer With Free California Drives 2007 Guide

SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 11 (PRNewswire) — Pack up the family and hit the road this summer to discover some of California’s most spectacular and lesser-known destinations with California Drives 2007. This 32-page, four-color piece, produced by the California Travel and Tourism Commission (CTTC) and Sunset Custom Publishing, contains detailed maps that guide readers to the state’s rustic towns, cool mountains, country roads, family attractions, beach towns, cultural heritage sites and mining camps.

You know what must be a hard job? PR rep for a campaign called "California Drives." I mean, California leads the nation in three things: Austrian-born governors, screenwriter/carwashers, and high gas prices*.

*There are probably more.
**Isn't it adorable that $2.33 once seemed exorbitant?

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