Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gone "fishing"

OK, the infidelity lady is swamping us with press releases again. Over the course of a year, they serve as a sort of how-to guide.

Ruth Hudson, founder of, send 'em. Every holiday, every season, every sports playoff seems to spark a faxed press release linking seasonal actions and infidelity.

Affairs du jour? Summer vacations! "Some men routinely send their wife and kids to a time share or vacation home for the summer ... Once their partners are conveniently out of the wya, the summer fun begins."


"Other summer cheaters ... invent bogus business trips, counterfeit conventions, or fictitious fishing, camping or rafting trips." How Brokeback.

"Men know that by misrepresenting a trip as a 'guys-only' extreme sports or outdoor adventure, it's unlikely to be questioned by the women in their lives."


Take your cues, guys and gals. If your lover suggests separate vacations or - ack! - buying a vacation home, look out!

But what do I know, I'm not married. Maybe this is old hat to the rest of you. Do tell.

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