Friday, July 20, 2007

Things that make me very happy

As if it weren't enough that Hallow-een is finally upon us, I just got this announcement yesterday:

In case you don't have a nostalgic sweet spot in the same place as mine, The State were a sketch comedy troupe who had a show on MTV for a couple of seasons in the mid-'90s. Members went on to create Comedy Central's "Viva Variety" and "Reno 911," and the movie Wet Hot American Summer, none of which quite captured the spark of the ensemble.

In other words, The State specialized in some of the most wonderfully anarchic lowbrow humor you'll ever see - like the Kids In the Hall, but with jokes.

None of the info I've seen gives a release date, but do me a favor and Netflix it at very least. Mind you, it's possible my recollection is off 14 years later, but I think you'll be in for a treat.

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