Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, etc.

From the fax machine:


This Applause is for YOU!

Introducing Cheers to You! The first and only CD filled with encouraging words and cheering applause! Ron Troutman of The Good Cheer Company wanted to create a CD that would make you feel acknowledged, feel good about yourself -- a CD where you'd smile (and keep smiling) while being reminded that you're worthy and valuable and deserving.


Then, you can take your Totino's pizza out of the oven, crack open another Pabst and get back to your sentai anime marathon. Wouldn't want to overexert your self-esteem.

The release goes on to say "Cheers To You! has been featured twice on The Ellen DeGeneres Show." I believe that is also true of kids playing Guitar Hero, which means that we can officially presume that Ellen is intentionally leading us toward an idiocratic apocalypse. Thanks, hon.

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