Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nothing says "I Love You" quite like this

Apparently this is the height of Valentine's Day madness:

Introducing Subtle Butt ™ - Disposable Shields That Neutralize Odor Caused By (Gasp!) Flatulence

You can't make up stuff like this:
"In this politically correct day and age, farting is still a major no-no for both men and women, alike. Now, thanks to the geniuses behind Garment Guard, the disposable, self-adhesive discs that prevent underarm stains, you can fart smart!"

They're selling squares of fabric made of activated carbon that you place inside your underwear or pants with two self-adhesive strips. The activated carbon is supposed to filter your flatulence.

According to the company: "Now you can eat all of the beans and burritos you want and still have a social life."

5-pack for $9.95 - available in March


zen said...

Does it come with a muffler upgrade? I know this kind of thing is huge in Japan, but something in me thinks that if we all were a little more upfront about our biological-ness in all it grunting and farting and peeling and leaking ways maybe we'd better appreciate the fleeting nature of this organic life, and the grand comedy of it all. Happy VD everybody!

cshort said...

I don't know. I think it would be cool if it converted the sound into bird songs or something.

Dena Rosenberry said...

Why do birds suddenly appear,
every time,
you are near...