Tuesday, April 3, 2007


I got an e-mail from MVD Entertainment Group a couple weeks ago when I wrote a Cracker concert preview. MVD, as it happens, had made a Cracker DVD and failed to inform me about it until it was too late to include. Determined never to let it happen again, they put me on their e-mail list.

My curiosity was piqued this week when I learned they have new DVDs by Frankie Laine, Vic Damone, and Sam Moore, and a compilation called "Cruisin' Hits of the '60s." So, I clicked on over to their Web site. The link is omitted here for reasons that will soon become clear.

The site bills their business as "eclectic DVD distribution." I'll say. Here's a handy bulleted list of titles they can provide you, now or soon:
  • Boo Yaa Tribe: West Koastra Nostra
  • Appetite for Deconstruction: A Punk Rockumentary
  • Marilyn Chambers: All Nude Peep Show
  • Pilates Essentials
  • High Times Presents Jorge Cervantes: Grow Film
  • Sleepytime Down South: Slow and Easy Tracks from the Golden Era of Jazz
  • Project Alf
  • Strip Joint Magazine
  • Stryper: Greatest Hits - Live in Puerto Rico
  • Killzone Double Feature
Bottom line: I absolutely must party with these guys some time.

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