Thursday, April 12, 2007

"A 60-year truth embargo"

Many thanks to the Paradigm Research Group, who faxed us this press release today:

"Almost one year ago on April 24, 2006 the Paradigm Clock, which tracks proximity to a formal acknowledgement of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race, was reset to 11:59:45 - 15 seconds to midnight. Such an acknowledgement is referred to as Disclosure and would mark the end of a 60-year truth embargo imposed by federal authorities."

Here, we had lost hope that any group was tracking the likelihood of the government admitting that they know about aliens, and putting their definitive, objective data in a nice "clock" form so we can tell at a glance how hopeful we should be that today is the day.

We hope that next year they fax us again, to remind us of the second anniversary of the clock's moving to 11:59:45. If, that is, the government hasn't broken its 60-year truth embargo by then.

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