Saturday, April 21, 2007

Go ahead and Jump!

Time to tune up, dudes. The 5th annual U.S. Air Guitar Champtionships kick off in June. The competition stops in 14 cities, but nothing here. Not even close. We play too much nonair guitar, I guess.

The best part: Bjorn Turoque, star of "Air Guitar Nation" and author of "To Air is Human" is MC. Who the heck knew?!?

Plan your summer vacation around this tour:

June 6 Washington, DC
June 7 New York City
June 8 Boston
June 13 Cleveland
June 14 Columbus
June 15 Chicago
June 16 Minneapolis
June 20 Dallas
June 21 Austin
June 22 Houston
June 23 New Orleans
June 27 San Jose
June 28 San Francisco
June 29 Los Angeles

One winner from each city, along with the top three winners from the online competition, and defending champ Hot Lixx Hulahan will be flown to New York City in August for the championship.

The 2007 U.S. Champ will then be sent to Oulu, Finland, in September to represent the USA in the World Championships.

What's on the set list? In Round 1, each competitor performs to a song of their own choosing. In Round 2, the top competitors from Round 1 perform to a surprise compulsory song. Full songs? Nope. Contestants perform for one minute of a song and are judged on a combination of technical merit, stage presence, and “airness." All guitars must be invisible.

DON'T MISS THIS: "Air Guitar Nation," an award-winning documentary about US Air Guitar is in theaters nationwide through spring.

OR THIS: US Air Guitar is devoted to taking our nation's unofficial pastime out of the bedroom and putting it up on the world stage.

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Christopher Short said...

I think I speak for everyone when I say, "weedly-weedly-weeeeeeeer."