Monday, April 16, 2007

Look out for Energy Vampires!

Here's a fax I've been waiting for:

How positive is your life?

Mayor John Peyton of Jacksonville, Fla., was asked this very question. He responded by declaring April 27, 2007 as Positive Energy Day. A proclamation was drafted making the day official.

The lack of positive energy in workplaces, and all around us, is increasingly high. Only 15% of workers say they are strongly energized by their job's mission, according to a Harris Interactive Survey. A statistic that alarmed Jon Gordon.

Gordon, who seems to have been quoted at random, goes on to say that "Energy Vampires can hinder productivity resulting in fatigue." I assume he's talking about his garage band; no other reading makes sense.

Anyway, if you're tired from being all sanctimonious on Earth Day (April 22) and Arbor Day (also April 27), here's a feel-good holiday we can all get behind.

Oh, wait - "The hope is that everyone will choose to make positive energy a habit in their daily lives, changing the world from the bottom up." That sounds exhausting.

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