Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Fax spam for dummies

The newsroom has gotten this mystery fax several times in the past few weeks - a fact you'll want to keep in mind when you read the first sentence. Because we don't want to encourage them, the numbers have been changed; the rest is verbatim, in all its caps- and punctuation-challenged glory.


Respond: 800-555-5555


This will be the last chance for all employees to have your choice of World Class Beach Front Resorts on the Mexican Caribbean.

As of today all employees still have access to our corporate vacation packages at our COMPANY RATE (up to 80% off retail). All vacations are good for one year with no black outs. Call if you are interested because every year these go fast!

This year we can all choose from:
Mayan Riviera, Cozumel or Puerto Vallarta.
All Trips are 6 days and are All-Inclusive (meals and drinks!)
All packages are $329 per person.

If you like diving (like my husband), then ask about the Cozumel Package.

You must call now to take advantage of this company offer.

-Mary W.

If you feel you have received this company memo in error, please call 1-800-555-5556.


Question: Is it possible to receive a company memo in error? I would call the number to ask, but something tells me I'd wind up buying a vacation.


Willow Welter said...

Yes, that reminds me of a situation I want to describe in case anyone else gets pestered by it. (Maybe it was legit, I didn't have time to find out.) I received a call a few months ago on my cell phone from some 16-year-old-sounding girl saying, "Congratulations, you were chosen from a drawing you entered within the past 5 months to win a trip to Las Vegas. Let me just verify some information."
ME: "Wait, what is this for?"
16: "You entered a contest."
Me: "When? and what is your company called?"
16: "OK so it says here you live at (gave my correct address) and your combined household income is over $30,000, correct?"
Me: "Yes. But what's the catch?"
16: "All you have to do is attend a 2-hour seminar in Denver this Thursday, then you'll receive the trip, no purchases involved except a $100 tax."
Me: (extremely skeptical) "Well, I will need more information. What's your phone number?"
16: gave some 1-800 number.
The next day, I called the number and a woman answered and I told her about the call I receieved. She said the company was called TrendsWest and gave me the same speel I got the night before. I said "This sounds very fishy." She said "I can e-mail you the information about our company right away." The e-mail never came. I couldn't find any information about the company online except for a BBB review saying TrendsWest had a report filed against it for misleading practices. I called back the next day and said "Where's my email?" By now, I had given up on thinking they were in any way aboveboard, but I wanted to find out just how stupid they thought I was. She said "Oh, sorry, our e-mail system was down yesterday, but I can send it later today when it comes back up. And I'll see you at Thursday's seminar." I waited just to see whether the info would ever come, but it didn't. I got a call Wednesday night verifying that I'd be at the seminar. I said "Are you serious? I don't think I ever entered any drawing for a trip, and your company is very shady, everyone was reluctant to tell me anything about the company, the promised information never came and please never call me again."
That was a few months ago. I got a call from them just last week saying I'd won a drawing i had entered for a trip to Hawaii or something. I said "Ugh, I already told the last people from your shady company never to call me again."
So, maybe the company is legit, but it seemed like a heck of a lot of trouble for a trip to Vegas that you can book on Allegiant Air for $40 each way.

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