Monday, April 2, 2007

Stuff Junction: What's your function?

Just in time for Father's Day - you know, like September is just in time for Christmas - Stuff Junction announces gifts to "End the Boredom of Socks, Flashlights and Ties!" They are divided into different, hyphenated dad genres: Travel-Dad, Party-Dad, Barbecue-Dad and Fishing-Dad.

Most intriguing? For Travel-Dad, "The new Powermonkey keeps Dad's cell phone, iPod and camera powered up wherever he travels." Mind you, your dad is unlikely to ask for a Powermonkey by name - if we may make assumptions about your dad - so we (and they) figure you'll appreciate the heads-up.
A close second is the FireHawk (pictured above), which goes by Firedragon on the Web site and answers the age-old question "How can I breathe on something three feet away?".

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