Tuesday, April 3, 2007

My dog likes to sit in the rain

Just had to share this.
From a syndicated consumer column in the Austin Statesman-American

Q: I have an otherwise intelligent dog (12 years old) who apparently does not have the sense to go to the patio when it rains. He just sits in the yard. I’d say he was staging a “poor me” sit-down, but he does it even when we’re not home. Any suggestions?

A: Is this a new behavior? If so, have your veterinarian check your dog, advises Susan Smith, behavior consultant at Raising Canine. The dog could have a physical problem, or it could be psychological change, which are common as dogs get older.

If this is a big, furry golden retriever spending considerable time outdoors without being bothered by the elements, no problem. An indoor dog such as a Chihuahua might not fare well under these conditions. If your dog is healthy (mentally and physically) and has always enjoyed sitting the in the rain, do not worry about the situation, Smith adds.


Christopher Short said...

Does the dog like pina coladas? Is he into health food, or more into champagne? I'm just trying to formulate a diagnosis here.

Dena Rosenberry said...

My first headline was
"I like Purina dog chow, and getting caught in the rain..."

Hum that tune all afternoon.

James Voss said...

My dog has been doing the exact same thing he is around 12, and he is a golden retriever. He is kind of giving us the signs he wants to die. I am not sure what to do?