Friday, May 11, 2007

Rock, Paper, Scissors?

(Great artwork, "Lead On," by Graham Walker - available at the world RPS site.)

We played Scissors-Paper-Rock when we were kids, but there was no $50,000 championships... I guess we should have been playing Rock-Paper-Scissors.

No lie: This weekend, Vegas hosts the second annual USA Rock Paper Scissors Tournament. Winner takes $50,000.

Los Angeles TV producer Matti Leshem co-founded the USARPS League in 2005 and serves as its commissioner. (There's a world association, too.)

Strategies vary, apparently.

Take the Urbanus Defense, where you lose your first throw intentionally to psych out your opponent.
Or Gambit Play, where you stick to a sequence of specific throws regardless of your
opponent’s actions.

“Like a 'Caveman,' which is rock, rock, rock,” Leshem reveals.

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