Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"a serial anti-Catholic bigot"

The Catholic League has once again Faxed to tell us what to think, which is always handy:


First off, I think it would be easier if Bill Maher were to chiggity-check himself. You know, before he wriggity-wrecks himself.

Later in the release, League President Bill Donohue makes a salient point, when he asks "whether Maher's gratuitous and highly offensive attack on Jesus Christ merits the same punishment afforded (Don) Imus for his racist remark." Of course, it raises the question of whether Imus' remark merited that punishment, but I digress.

Now that we're something like six weeks beyond Nappygate (that's what journalists do - we append "-gate" to things), I wonder if we're in a free-speech-free zone. It seems clear that Imus hasn't caused the same ripple effect as Janet and her skeevy nipple ring, but when the story first broke I certainly felt like knee-jerk hypersensitivity might ensue. I'm not sure it has, and I don't think press releases from the Catholic League are the greatest barometer, but now I'm curious. Here's a test flag:


Gay poop.

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